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The Tides

Fine Dining
3103 Cardinal Dr, Vero Beach

The Tides, open since 2000, offers a unique food experience compared to other Florida restaurants. Chef Leanne Kelleher’s plates are full of great flavors, from Southern influences (including Caribbean and Latin American) to classic French cuisine.

The menu includes local seafood, fruit and vegetables and top-quality meats, which helped the restaurant become leaders in fine dining, for their visual appeal and delicious offerings.

The menu is full of tantalizing suggestions, such as macadamia nut-crusted fish, grilled maple-glazed duck, crab meat served with shiitake mushrooms and four cheese penne.

Each plate demonstrates the chef’s finesse. All of her dishes are elegant, sophisticated and popular. Visitors who reserve two days in advance can opt for a custom menu. Ms. Kelleher draws on the client’s taste and flavor preferences to decide which dishes to create.

The Tides also offers a free wine service suggestion to perfectly accompany your meal. This is the perfect opportunity to spoil your inner epicurean.

The owner asks guests to refrain from using cell phones and smoking on the terrace, so that a pleasant time may be had by all.

There’s no need to think twice before visiting The Tides. Reservations are required.

Price: $$$
We Recommend: Steak au poivre
Website: http://tidesofvero.com/