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Expand your reach and connect with an established audience that is growing and renewable. ZipOrange is the reference tool of choice for visitors heading to Florida.  Having created a relationship of trust with its users, visitors know they can rely on the site to give them the support and tools necessary for their stay in the Sunshine State.

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The site stands out on the Internet because of its significant traffic and benefits from an excellent showcase resulting from its active social media community. The site content is viewed more than 850,000 times a month. Therefore, we can provide our partners with a pool of high-quality customers as well as targeted advertising solutions.

Our unique way of selecting our partners helps keep our audience’s trust.  So, before accepting any partner, our team meets the given company or service.

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* Traditional Advertising

Depending on your goals, select advertising space on one of our platforms to promote your business and communicate your offer to our audience.  The platforms available to place advertising are:  website, newsletters, and video. Sizes available: rectangle or leaderboard

* Company Profile

A dedicated page and a featured space. Introduce your company, your products and services to our audience. Together with your business, a member of our team will meet with a member of your establishment and will create a unique personalized description of the experience, including photos, contact information and a favorite.

Bring your business profile to life by adding a video presentation to your package.

* Publicity Campaign

This option is the most effective and comprehensive in increasing visitor awareness of your business.  ZipOrange offers options that will ensure the maximum visibility of your business by your target audience.  The campaigns run for six or twelve months.

You wish to send out a publicity to our community right away?

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