Spring Break in Florida- Top 5 Must-See Destinations

Whether you name it the Easter Break, Spring Break, or the March Break, all students know and expect this legendary school holiday. Spring Break has become an almost sacred student tradition in the United States where everyone celebrates like there is no tomorrow. Students consider this break as a necessary rite of passage, during which it is prescribed to party, have fun and make it an unforgettable adventure. If the tradition of Spring Break tends to develop in Europe, it is a strictly American phenomenon. You certainly have in mind an image of the fiestas at the pool, where bikinis red plastic cups and high-performance sound systems are all part of the plan. Between the stress of exams and trying to plan summer internships, young Americans make the most of this holiday week, which many consider a Spring Break Trip; a tour package that includes transportation, accommodation, access to different clubs … and often unlimited alcohol throughout the week!

Spring Break Florida Miami Beach

The period of Spring Break – which lasts about a month since universities do not all give the same break week – brings a flood of “spring breakers” pounding on US seashores.

This explosion of tourism often packs municipalities, but some dread the crowds, noise and broken bottles in the streets of their neighborhood. Spring Break certainly not unanimously, but this legendary event worth seeing, and joining the dance at least once in our lifetime! Some decide to plan several months ahead to make sure their travel plans are securely booked.

I would like to suggest a tour of the Florida peninsula, stopping by the top five best places elected by seasoned spring breakers!

By Caroline Hogue

1- Orlando, your Louisiana style Mardi Gras

Universal Orlando Entrance
photo: Laura Hart Klein

Mardi Gras traditionally refers to events of the Carnival celebrations. A festive period preceding the Christian Lent. In New Orleans, located in Louisiana, Mardi Gras is celebrated with a special carnival where dance, costumes, Cajun food and alcohol are honored.  Universal Orlando organizes each year, a huge feast during Spring Break, recreating the unique atmosphere of New Orleans.

Every evening, artists from the zydeco Cajun culture share the stage. The colorful carnival welcomes the most eccentric

costumes, and the smell of “gumbo” and Creole “Jambalaya” typical Louisiana dishes, fragrant the streets. Enjoy a Spring Break out of the ordinary, discovering the Cajun culture. Book your tickets now!

2- Miami Beach, for a unique electro scene

Famous South Beach, located in Miami is a must stop for all spring breakers worthy of the name. In addition to the beach, beer, swimming pools and nightly adventures, music is part of the festive world in March. In South Beach, the electronic music lovers will be pleased. South Beach welcomes some of the biggest electronic music in the world. During the month of March the outdoor stages host the festival to benefit music lovers. The Ultra Music Festival, which is known around the world, organizes an event in Miami every winter. Names such as Skrillex and David Ghetta attract thousands of visitors. Winter Music Conferences bring together the best international DJs for the occasion of a meeting between artists sharing their love of music. Several DJs have emerged on the electronic scene after participating in this festive convention. On your mark, get set, party!

Spring Break Florida Miami Beach

3- Sanibel Island, the calm after the storm

If you prefer relaxing while sipping a glass of sangria, with your feet deep into the warm white sand, I suggest an island feel. After memories of past Spring Break craziness enjoy the week moderately partying, while relaxing in a beautiful setting. Sanibel Island gives you the impression of living on a tropical island paradise. The beaches are never crowded, the volume is never too high, and you probably won’t have to encounter groups of students drunk in the streets.
A Spring Break for “elder”? Perhaps, but what better way to spend your time with family and friends building up some new unforgettable memories.

Spring Break Florida Sanibel Lighthouse Sunset

4- Daytona Beach, for adventurous singles

Besides being a destination for the lovers of automotive and motorcycle racing, Daytona Beach is famous for its abundance of festivities during Spring Break. Indeed, Florida’s northwest region is becoming more known to Spring break party goers, thanks to the festive tourism during the month of March. Although Daytona Beach exclusively offers singles a week-long party to meet and create romantic couples on the beach. With its grandiose clubs – the Aqua, the Razzles and Ocean Deck – and the “Party bus” your week promises to definitely be memorable. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up meeting your Spring Break sweetheart!

Spring Break Florida Daytona Beach Car Entrance
Daytona Beach Florida cars parked

5- Panama City Beach, for its beaches always crowded

Last but not least, this city is traditionally associated with the culture of Spring Break, and is nothing less than “Spring Break Capital of the World”! Half a million visitors travel to Panama City each year, participating in this entertaining pilgrimage. Throughout the month of March, Panama City beaches are crowded with young students dancing, drinking and singing loudly. Bars are installed directly on the waterfront, and you cannot leave the festive days on end. A memorable week, during which you certainly do not have time to rest!

Panama City Beach Pier Park Florida
Panama City Beach Shops Florida

If the Spring Break tradition is unknown to you, I advise you to view several films that have been made on the subject. The famous film “Spring breakers” discusses possible misbehavior at these frenzied bacchanalia, and “Girls Gone Wild” gives a good idea of the atmosphere of the famous holiday.

Make sure to rest until March, because it will surely be filled with fun, craziness and excitement!

Florida Sunset Sanibel Island