How to use a Canadian Credit Card at a US Gas Pump

When you are traveling by car in the Unites States to go to Florida, you will have to stop several times to refuel. You may want to avoid going inside the gas station and pay directly at the pump. What if you only have a Canadian credit card and the screen requests for you to enter your zip code? You’ve probably tried entering the postal code of your Canadian address, but quickly notice that the terminal refuses your transaction. The postal code that you need to enter has to be linked to your credit card account.

In the past recent years, Canadian credit card companies have decided to make your life a little easier when traveling in the United States. They have attributed a zip code to your credit card based on your Canadian postal code. This way you can now use your credit card without encountering a problem in most gas stations across the United States.

Here is how to use a Canadian credit card at a gas station in the United States.