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West Palm Beach Airboat Rides

Wildlife Santuary
15492 Loxahatchee Road, Parkland, FL 33321, United States

The Everglades is known to be the largest reserve of subtropical wilderness in North America with a well-preserved ecosystem. West Palm Beach Airboat Rides offers private airboat rides for an adventure into this amazing and unique environment. Located in Loxahatchee Parkland Reserve, the company shares its passion and knowledge of the area with visitors.

Tours are guided by friendly and experienced certified captains who are area natives. The tour guides know the green waters well, so don’t hesitate to ask questions! Their mission is to entertain and educate you according to your interests. The captain will discuss the aquatic fauna and wildlife, gently cruising along the waters looking for alligators. The captain also enjoys showing off the boat’s power engine to visitors. It can reach 65 miles per hour!

The company offers three different tours: the Thrill Seeker lasting 1 or 2 hours and the Everglade Explorer Eco Tourist (3 hours). The longest tour is the most comprehensive – visitors will get to explore farther into the swamps. Tours are private and reservations must be made before arriving at the park.


Price: $
Website: http://www.airboatrideswestpalmbeach.com/