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ZipOrange was created to inform, guide and assist tourists in their discovery of the Sunshine State. The founders, Josianne and Frederik, have made it their goal to share their passion for Florida with as many vacationers as possible.  Whether you are planning a seasonal or short-term stay, you will find the site’s mix of unique tools perfect for planning your visit. To further ensure a successful stay, each region mentioned on the website has been visited personally by the founders or one of their partners.

The site’s information is grouped into three sections that are sure to meet any visitor’s needs.

The real estate section provides property owners with the opportunity to advertise their vacation property for rent or sale, and all for free. An exclusive service available only to preferred members includes among other things, owner verification (confirmation of the legitimacy of the rental to eliminate fraud) and assistance in finding a rental property. The discovery section includes a range of practical everyday information as well as helpful suggestions about activities and restaurants. The site content is original and personalized.

Take a glance and fall in love with Florida.

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Josianne Mailloux

Josianne has had an interest in Florida since she was a little girl. Every winter she and her parents visited the Sunshine State by car, trading snow for palm trees and ocean. What began as a brief winter vacation grew into the passion that created zipOrange. Every morning, she puts on her running shoes and enjoys a jog along the beach before starting her day. A big fan of water sports, seafood and sushi, she loves original and often hidden places where she can appreciate the sunset. Before zipOrange, Josianne lived her other passion: film! For years, she was a Production Coordinator on many American film shoots.  Curious and organized, she is responsible for the site’s research, editing and management.

Attire: hoodie
Dream to: fly
Movie: Good Will Hunting
Necessity: post-its
Splurge: handbags
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Frederik Joly

Friendly and chatty, this Montrealer was the first to benefit from the zipOrange effect!  Josianne quickly shared with him her passion for Florida. His Florida pleasures begin with soaking his feet in the ocean. Then, he loves to leave the beaten path to discover new scenery, try small roadside restaurants specializing in local cuisine, and to try to rise above his beginner golfer status.  Spontaneous by nature, road trips are a fun and perfect excuse for him to see Florida in new and exciting ways.
As the in-house techno geek, he takes care of all the videos and photos that you’ll discover on the site.

Craving: Savannah chocolate bear claws
Drink: Bloody Cesar
Love: driving
Music: Frank Sinatra
On bucket list: Tahiti

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